You’re in pursue for a cheaper video surveillance system which you need only for basic general video surveillance purposes? CCTV video surveillance systems of today, although technologically far behind IP video industry, supports modern compression and archive standards, allowing all the common, basic user functionalities and are providing clear and quality images.


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Distributors of professional video surveillance equipment in the CCTV video surveillance market segment are available to you for start of cooperation if you’re an system integrator, but also, if you’re an customer you can address them for every information on technology, products, promotions and specific solutions in which you’re interested in. Distributors can recommend you the right system integrator for your special field of interest, who can install/integrate your system with high level of quality, and provide you with additional products and services you might have along the way.

System integrators

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System Integrators which are licensed and experienced for the direct sales, installation, integration, service and maintenance – are at your disposal, if you’re in pursuit for specific CCTV video surveillance solution which is aligned with your actual needs and with your planned budget. Contact our partners, trust worthy system integrators which are doing business in your area, and inquire more in detail about the desired system, pricings and terms of purchase.