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    The team of experts with multi-decade experience in the telecommunication sector, and pragmatic knowledge of different video surveillance technologies and solutions, UpStream ICT Alliance with its own portal VideoNadzor.Net strives to provide professional support directly to distributors and system integrators, establishing their businesses on the mayor regional video surveillance online reference point, while on the other hand, we’re supporting the customers and the video surveillance market in the ways of consultancy, advisory and presenting the latest technological innovations, and user functionalities for specific video surveillance niches and solutions.

    Naša vizija

    Naša vizija

    • General awareness of different video surveillance solutions,
    • Knowledge and practice experience within the video surveillance industry,
    • Consultancy and recommendations,
    • Advisory, project specification support, optimizing and aligning the desired video surveillance system with the customer’s budget

    Fundamental aim of our business activity is to provide the new and the existing customers with the quality support in their procurements, system usage and system upgrades of the diverse video surveillance solutions.

    Field of interest of the regional portal VideoNadzor.Net is exactly on the distributors, integrators, project designers, and customers within the Balkan region. In this context, the very content of the portal is adjusted in a way to inform the Balkan region video surveillance market about available, up to date technologies which are being used in creating the most diverse video surveillance, integrated solutions.