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IT Services

Professional IT services and maximum dedication of the representatives of this market segment will help you to find ideal IT partner, which will seriously and responsibly provide support for your data/monitoring center, computer network, fiber optic installation,… as well be in position to offer you always the most optimal solution, which is in accordance with the growth rate of your business and in accordance with your real needs in the given moment.

Video Surveillance in the Cloud

Video surveillance as a service. Archiving video in the cloud. Access your cameras via Internet, either using desktop browser, either via laptop or smartphone… Simple and easy, with no need for additional investment into server/recording equipment, hard drive and storage capacity. Learn more.

Structural Cabling

Take a look at the offerings and find adequate partner for your project.
Cabling facilities with user equipment; Telecommunication rooms; Backbone cabling; Horizontal cabling;

Fiber Optics

If you have need for upgrade, maintenance, or the need for servicing of your existing FO network, or maybe you’re planning to build a completely new one,… Look at the offerings from the partners with the extensive fiber optics experience, and the necessary know how for realization of specific FO projects.

Data Centers

Take a look at the partner companies which are in the intelligent data center solution business. Get your own data center designed in a way to be easily scalable, and energy saving. Connect with our partners and create data center with professionals.

Monitoring Centers

Either you have the need for designing and constructing video monitoring center, or telecommunication VoIP monitoring center, or alarm monitoring center – we have the right partner for your business. We’re proudly presenting to you our partners – trust worthy system integrators with extensive experience in planning, building and maintaining monitoring centers.

Internet Conectivity

We’re proudly presenting our partners, Internet operators, which adjusted their offerings to the needs and specifics of the video surveillance market. More competitive packages of upstream Internet traffic, as well as stronger and more stable connectivity for specific locations on which the video surveillance system should be connected to users via Wi-Fi connection.


    We will help you to specify your request, and in order to provide you with the best pricings, we will interact for you with several credible companies which are operating in your area and are in the business of distribution, sales and system integration of the video surveillance equipment for which you have interest for. This way, you will be in position to get more different professional offerings, and thru the official distributor channel, you will be able to pick a solution which is aligned with your needs and budget.

    Please describe your request. Certain brand that you are interested in, needed number of cameras, or other video surveillance equipment that is subject of your procurement. List all specificity and functionalities that you find important for system to have, and we will help you in completing the technical solution and assist you in optimization of your request.
    Or just upload .xls/pdf specification sheet if you have one.