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Video analitics

Video surveillance as business tool? Allow us to take you deeper into the world of video analytics solutions which can be used in various solutions – from the security, safety, control appliances, all the way to the utilization of video analytics software for sales and marketing evaluation and for managing business processes in retail and wholesale.


Distributors of professional video surveillance equipment in the video analytics market segment are available to you for start of cooperation if you’re an system integrator, but also, if you’re an customer you can address them for every information on technology, products, promotions and specific solutions in which you’re interested in. Distributors can recommend you the right system integrator for your special field of interest, who can install/integrate your system with high level of quality, and provide you with additional products and services you might have along the way.

System integrators

System Integrators which are licensed and experienced for the direct sales, installation, integration, service and maintenance – are at your disposal, if you’re in pursuit for specific video analytic solution which is aligned with your actual needs and with your planned budget. Contact our partners, trust worthy system integrators which are doing business in your area, and inquire more in detail about the desired system, pricings and terms of purchase.


    We will help you to specify your request, and in order to provide you with the best pricings, we will interact for you with several credible companies which are operating in your area and are in the business of distribution, sales and system integration of the video surveillance equipment for which you have interest for. This way, you will be in position to get more different professional offerings, and thru the official distributor channel, you will be able to pick a solution which is aligned with your needs and budget.

    Please describe your request. Certain brand that you are interested in, needed number of cameras, or other video surveillance equipment that is subject of your procurement. List all specificity and functionalities that you find important for system to have, and we will help you in completing the technical solution and assist you in optimization of your request.
    Or just upload .xls/pdf specification sheet if you have one.