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Our video surveillance blog is the most valued in the industry of the Balkan region, as it helps customers to plan smartly the purchase of video surveillance and security systems. Inform yourself before the purchase about risks, legal obligations, current technologies, as well as integrated video surveillance and security system solutions.

For efficient shopping, visit our leading video surveillance shop with a unique offer: video surveillance cameras, video surveillance kits, do-it-yourself video surveillance, alarm systems, video analytics, video intercoms… Complete support and the best purchase conditions.

Regional portal for video surveillance solutions and correspondent ICT technologies

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Video surveillance distributors, system integrators, project designers and customers are using the advantages of expert informational hub when it comes to video surveillance solutions, advanced video analytics and correspondent ICT infrastructure technologies.

We’re proudly presenting you the online intersection of professional offerings and demand for the video surveillance solutions, for the Balkan region countries. Within our pages you will be able to find the right partner for the deal, either it’s the system integrator, or distributor you’re in pursuit for.

On the regional web portal you can be informed about always up to date products and solutions of world leading manufacturers, while our team of experts with multi-decade experience in video surveillance can assist you at any moment for free consultancy, advisory and support for all the inquiries you may have.

Types of video surveillance and services

IP Video Surveillance

  • IP kamere
  • VMS
  • NVR’s
  • Enkoder

CCTV Video Surveillance

  • CCTV kamere
  • DVR’s
  • Oprema

Hybrid video surveillance

  • AHD kamere
  • Tribrid DVR’s
  • Oprema

Video analitics

  • People counter
  • Demographics
  • Queue
  • Smoke Catcher
  • LPR
  • Loitering
  • Perimeter protection

IT Services

  • Video nadzor u oblaku
  • Strukturno kabliranje
  • Proširene mreže
  • Optika (F.O.)
  • Izgradnja Data centra
  • Monitoring centar
  • Internet konektivnost

Training & Seminars

  • Zvanični program obuka svetskih proizvođača
  • Sertifikacija profesionalaca
  • Trening seminari za nove proizvode i tehnologije

SW Tools

  • Selektor proizvoda
  • Objektiv kalkulatori
  • BW & HDD kalkulatori
  • Projektni alati

Service & Maintenance

  • Servis video nadzor sistema i opreme
  • Servis računarskih mreža i servera
  • Zakonsko održavanja sistema tehničke zaštite

Network Equipment

  • Svičevi, industrijski PoE, GB, SFP moduli
  • Patch paneli, konektori, kablovi, rack ormani
  • Enkoderi, dekoderi, I/O moduli, IP horne
Video nadzor Video nadzor Video nadzor Video nadzor


Video nadzor If you aren’t quite confident to make the choice about certain video surveillance technology and equipment, as well as the very same structure of your desired video surveillance system, we are at your disposal for free consultancy, advisory and recommendations in order to provide you with the best possible solution, which is in accordance with your actual needs and with your budget.


Get the best offer. In order to provide you with the best pricings, we will interact with companies which are operating in your area and dealing with the solutions in which you have interest in. This way, you will be in position to get more different professional offers, and thru the official distributor channels, you will be able to pick a solution which is aligned with your needs and budget.